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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Number sixty one...

So yea, creative juices not flowing in the title department... sorry.

Anyway, on with the stuffs! So, the Borat movie (which I haven't seen) did something interesting with their DVD release and because of the humor involved here I might actually make the effort to watch it. In general though, I find that type of humor a bit outside of my tastes... we'll see, maybe I'll do a movie review on here.

Are you a Network Admin? Aspire to go into that field? Want to be as terrible as possible? Here are some great tips. I laughed quite a bit at this, thanks Haffey for the link.
Ever heard of You know those motivational posters in a lot of offices? Well this place makes the evil equivalent of that... and they are hilarious.

Another Haffey link!! Large denominations of US money... cool stuff and potential useless trivia tidbit.

Holy crap! I just spilled an entire picture of iced tea into my laptop! Let the healing begin.

Football story time! Here's the 2007 NFL Mock Draft, by Scouts, Inc. Story about the NFL Combine and it's future in Indy.. little tidbits about the new stadium too.

Alright, I found a great list of spoilers.. from movies to tv to historical events. It is very funny.. and dang you Haffey for providing it too. GET BACK TO WORK!

I leave you with Rainn Wilson's (Dwight) monologue from SNL... it was really good.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Humpday almost snuck by...

but I decided I've been neglecting the tips and tricks for too many weeks in a row. So without further delay:
This tip is especially good for us as well as MJ and the soon-to-be-missus... OMG PAINTING TIPS!!! I hope it's not to late to be helpful. Make sure to check out the related wiki's as there were several great ones.

Insane finish at the Daytona 500.. Clint Bowyer crosses the finish line upside down. From SIPhotos.
It was a crazy race all around... I don't have enough patience/willpower to sit through a whole race but thank goodness for SportsCenter, I love me some highlights. Speaking of SportsCenter they recently celebrated their 30,000th episode. Crazy business for sure... go here for their awesome commercials.

Slight switch in gears to some football talk.. Nebraska seems to have a decent recruiting class coming. If Callahan can keep the momentum he has moving forward I think they really have a chance of returning to the top 10 end of the polls for a good stretch again.
And in the NFL, the combine is geared up to roll. Should be an interesting draft given the small free agent pool this season. Ohh! I plan to go and see the SuperBowl trophy on Friday, hopefully I'll remember my camera so I can get a photo. I also need to take my camera by the Colts practice facility to get a picture of the awesome banner they have up. Ok.. I sleep now... you read in the morning.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Two-For Tuesday!

So I already posted once today, but it's all Blog Update stuff so I thought I would do a separate post for my normal stuff.

Adobe has released a compatibility list of their products and whether they work with Vista. How Adobe Products Support Windows Vista pdf
Speaking of Vista, check out this cool new gadget for your sidebar. Finding this led me to poke around with some of the other gadgets, there are quite a few really good ones out there currently, and new ones all the time.

Alright, Colts Updates:
Dungy will be back next year.... awesome. Also, Dwight Freeney picks up the franchise tags. Those not up on football lingo, this is what franchise tags means.

OH! And the latest Simpsons Movie Trailer:

Blog Update

I'm using FeedBurner now on my blog to help with adding options for people to subscribe to my blog. There's a new section at the bottom of the right hand column called "Subscribe now"... clicking the first link will allow you to choose from several different options of subscribing, the second link is for those that are running the customized Google page (adds my feed as an element), the third link takes you to a form to subscribe via email, and the last is just a link to the FeedBurner site. If you have a blog they offer a lot of handy tools to make your life easier. One of the handy tools is broad statistics, so you can see how many hits you get, etc.

Please subscribe if you find it hard to remember to visit here sometimes, subscribing will deliver my updates to you when I make them. Ok, I'm gonna make a new post about regular stuff and leave this one as just the blog update.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Weekend Visitors

Jenni's parents spent the weekend with us... we had a great time.

Saturday was swimming class where Carson got to show off all he has learned so far. Then we had Red Lobster for lunch and my parents joined us for a great meal. Later we all just relaxed while some snow fell and watched movies.

Sunday we went to the Children's Museum... which is where I finally got my camera out.
From Grandma and P...

From Grandma and P...

From Grandma and P...

From Grandma and P...

Glad we could have you out for a visit, Rich and Shirl! See you in April.

April 14th will be Carson's birthday party... let me know if you are interested in attending and I'll make sure you get an invitation.

Friday, February 16, 2007

My favorite day of the week

Fridays are good, most of the time. For me it's normally a catch-up day... laid back mainly as well. Great all around.

Like puzzles but like to win even more? This Rubik's Cube is for you. heh

Hey! Did you know they are changing Daylight Saving Time? Yea, well... it might mess up some of your gadgets. So read here to learn more. "What?? They changed DST??" you say? Why yes they did! Dirty, dirty monkeys... if you ask me.

So it's that time again...
Friday Funnies
This week we visit GU Comics.. Gamer-centric comic, that covers everything surrounding gaming. Normally short paneled and gets right to the funny.

BTW, in case you missed the Grammy's (because I know I did)... THE POLICE TOGETHER!!

SlickDeals has a couple bargains worth looking at today... not knowing how long they'll last I'll just give you a general link to the site. HERE!

Maybe some more later.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Terry Tate, Office Linebacker

I love Terry.. The original clip:

And one I hadn't seen before.. the follow-up:

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day... part 2

So we're having our second snow day in a row... The Indy Airport says they have received 9" of snow. I think we've gotten a little more than that where we live. Hendricks county (where we live) is under a snow emergency, which means it's "illegal" to be out on the road (unless of course it's an emergency). IUPUI has canceled classes for the second straight day and Jenni's work canceled their clinic for a second day.

We've tried to snowblow/shovel but it's rough... there are layers of snow and layers of ice together. The snowblower isn't doing well either... heh. We did make some time to play in the snow with Carson. I'll be putting some pictures up shortly.

From Snow Day

From Snow Day

From Snow Day

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday fun!

Had our swimming class on Saturday and it was good fun, while Carson and I were there Jenni painted in our room a bit... I'll get a picture of that and put it up this week sometime. Finished off the day with dinner at Olive Garden, Carson was excited to see Nanny and Poppy... mmmm, breadsticks.

Sunday came and we decided to go hang out at the Children's Museum for a bit before doing our taxes.. heh. Carson had a blast, just like he always does. The traveling exhibit this month is Clifford... Carson gave that big ole dog a hug.
From Sunday Fun

He also had a lot of fun with the diner they have set up, he was slingin' lobsters and bananas... mmhmmmmm!
From Sunday Fun

Click around over there to see all the fun stuff we did.. if you go to the Videos album there's a new one of him at the bottom dancing with the dogs on the big screen there. Here's a link to that album.

Special note to H & B, we love you both and are thinking about you a lot.

Friday, February 09, 2007

URL update!

I updated my url to be; The old url,, will forward automatically to the new address. I hope that those of you that rely on remembering weblinks rather than having traveling bookmarks appreciate the shorter and more simple address. heh

Friday arrives, none to soon...

We'll start the day off with,

Friday Funnies

Today's Funny is from a tech/gaming comic Ctrl+Alt+Del, adventures in tech support.

SlickDeals gives us another bargain, Dell AMD powered computer on the cheap.

There's a good wrap-up of the top College recruiting classes over at ESPN. It's good to see Bill Callahan keeps improving his recruiting classes.

And the last link for now from, an interview with Peyton Manning. Class just pours out of him.

Oh.. I wanted to post this video too.. 24 / Aqua Teen Hunger Force parody, since I love 24 and ATHF has been in the news recently:

Great Heroes parody video!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Quick notes

I've finally gotten over my cold (mostly), now it seems Jenni and Carson might be coming down with it... which sucks because they'll probably give it back to me. :(

According to Download Squad, Gmail is now available to everyone! If you go through whatever steps to get an account and it doesn't work, just let me know and I'll send you an invite. I think I have 90 some odd invites.

SlickDeals comes up big with a link to a $5.99 DVD sale. Wooooo!

Espn featured a story about a Bears fan that lost a bet and now has to change his name. It's funny and sad at the same time.

Been really busy lately... sorry about the lack of updates. I think I may have some pictures just sitting on my camera too. I should check into that.. heh.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Colts Win! Colts Win! Colts Win! Colts Win!


Very exciting game and very fulfilling.
Peyton Manning = MVP

Some pics:

SuperBowl Sunday

We're rooting for you!!! And we've got our on.
We're ready for the bears! Seeing Peyton prepare for the game really inspired us!

Check this business out!!
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's snowing... again.

So yea, snowing and cold... supposedly 3 inches today. :(

So to cheer myself (and you too!) here's some video goodness:

The Woot Off is still cranking, so get over there and grab something good AND cheap.