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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Number one hundred forty...

Greetings... with training last week and the arrival of our baby quickly approaching I haven't had a ton of blog time. So let me take advantage of this five minute lull to dump some stuff out here.

Hey, I know it's been awhile but never fear I have a good one today... especially for you home owners out there. How to burglarproof your doors. I know I am going to be doing a couple of the suggested things in there, I had been thinking of a moat and drawbridge but maybe just some improvements to the doors would be a cheaper route.

Finally we close with a story about health... Eye doctors warn that prolonged computer use can have ill effects, SO STOP READING THIS BEFORE YOU GO BLIND!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Saturday fun

Saturday we decided to take a little trip to the zoo, given how nice a day it was... plus Carson wanted to show us the shark petting tank.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Peyton Manning Children's Hospital

There was a press release today from Jenni's work... Carson and I were invited to come and help out. Carson got to stand at the head of the line (with his back to the TV cameras) and give Peyton (and the other big wigs) high fives on their way to the stage and then got front row seats to the news release. I took some pictures, I'm hoping Dr. Ronda and her husband Bruce got some good ones that I can put in my album as well.

And since I've already been asked, I figure I better note it here before more people wonder... Nothing is wrong with Carson, he's perfectly healthy. They had kids in the hospital and kids of employees there to greet Peyton.

Note to self: Van repair: $0 - Broken resistor on blower motor - 36,134m (original purchase date 4/26/07)

Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Vist to Negley

We packed up the van with our little family and grabbed my mom as well to travel out to visit Jenni's relatives in Negley, OH. We had a very relaxing weekend, we couldn't even get cellular signals, let alone internet. I didn't even take that many photos, all on the last day... here they are anyway. :)